Friday, April 23, 2004

Wired News: Fuel Cells Weigh Anchor

by David Snow 4/22/04
"The company's technology, invented and patented by Schmitman, produces renewable hydrogen from purified seawater or fresh water using an electrolyzer -- which separates hydrogen and oxygen in water -- along with clean-energy power sources such as solar panels and wind generators, already common on sailboats. Regenerative electric drive motors turn the propellers and provide recaptured electricity, much like the braking systems of hybrid cars do, Schmitman said. "
Tired of hearing about the hydrogen economy? Think hydrogen fuel is interesting, but curious about set up of the infrastructure? This article talks about hydrogen fuel cells for marine propulsion. If you really want to be environmentally friendly, hoist your sails. This might be good, however, for Navy ships if all of the details can be worked out and the power generation can be increased.

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