Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Waves in Random Media Volume 14, Number 2: Special Section on Foliage Penetration

Courtesy of the IOP feed. This section is free for 6 months, and of course is then for subscribers only. Of particular interest:

  • A survey of ionospheric effects on space-based radar
    Zheng-Wen Xu, Jian Wu and Zhen-Sen Wu
  • Microwave radiometry of forests
    Paolo Pampaloni
  • Scattering from a layer of discrete random medium over a random interface: application to microwave backscattering from forests
    Roger H Lang
  • Target detection beneath foliage using polarimetric synthetic aperture radar interferometry
    S R Cloude, D G Corr and M L Williams
  • Unsupervised constrained radar imaging of low resolution targets
    Andrey Semichaevsky, Markus E Testorf, Robert V McGahan and Michael A Fiddy

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