Thursday, April 15, 2004

Eurekalert: Scientists size-up, classify meteorite that nearly landed in their backyards

U Chicago 4/14/04 on article written by Simon et al in Meteoritics and Planetary Science (April 2004)
"Witnesses in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri reported seeing the fireball that the meteorite produced as it broke up in the atmosphere, Simon and his colleagues report. Local residents collected hundreds of meteorite fragments totaling approximately 65 pounds from an area extending from Crete in the south to the southern end of Olympia Fields in the north. Located in Chicago's south suburbs, 'This is the most densely populated region to be hit by a meteorite shower in modern times,' the authors write.
One meteorite narrowly missed striking a sleeping Park Forest resident after it burst through the ceiling of a bedroom. The meteorite sliced through some window blinds, cratered the windowsill, then bounced across the room and broke a mirror before coming to rest. "
More things flying from the skies! This one started out weighting 1,980 pounds. What would it do to a planet that doesn't have an atmosphere like ours? (like when we have outposts on Mars, etc)

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