Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Proceedings of the IEEE: Silicon Geranium?

Well, at least the PDF is right!
From the Circuits newsletter v5 n9 (Sept 2005)
The September issue of Proceedings of the IEEE (v. 93, no. 9) provides a detailed analysis of the impact of silicon geranium on commercial products since its integration with complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS). The issue focuses on silicon geranium and advanced CMOS semiconductor compatibility, which has led to the development of highly integrated single-chip designs with advanced bipolar performance. Paper topics include device physics, new processes, scaling issues, reliability, and device optimization for specific applications. Other key areas of interest are high-breakdown SiGe heterostructure bipolar transistors, low-cost derivatives, linearity and noise, modeling, design enablement, and circuit examples...

Don't you love spell check?

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NineThreeNine said...

If this is the same IEEE as I think it is, the final resolution was rather weak... it really should have gone further.