Monday, June 20, 2005

The next kitchen gadget you have to have...

A rapid prototyping machine? Actually, it appears to be more than that, it's a one-stop fabrication lab with machine tools, electronics manufacturing, and assembly.

On Weekend America this past weekend, the hosts spoke with MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld about the Fab Lab project. The hope is that users will be able to make one off machines to fit their needs.

You know, I really respect Professor Gershenfeld who laments the disconnect between working with your mind and working with your hands... to go to a liberal arts college or learn to weld in a trade school (the assumption that you can't do both). What he's trying to do with this fab lab is to reconnect thinking with doing. Actually making something is a worthwhile pursuit.

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NineThreeNine said...

Nice title ;)

I've looked at the pages linked and I do agree with what you say about this guy.