Thursday, April 14, 2005

Notices of the AMS: The Importance of MathML to Mathematics Communication

The link here is to the table of contents. Free registration required to retrieve the full text PDF.

Robert Miner. "The Importance of MathML to Mathematics Communication." Notices of the AMS v52 n5 (May 2005): 532-8.

One of my lines of inquiry has been how to search math -- I mean really search it. What if you don't know what the equation is called? Why can't you do a substructure search like you do in chemistry? Shouldn't math be easier to search than chemistry? Instead, it's worse that image searching.

MathML is supposed to fix some of these things. Miner is very enthusiastic in extolling its virtues. The only problem is that mathematicians don't seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. They seem to really like LaTeX.

One physicist
has created some plugins for WordPress and Movabletype to convert TeX equations to MathML. Cool...

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HomeSchool Help said...

I started using SciWriter. We are working on a "new look" and much better content for and I was hoping to use MathML in the site. Funny thing...IE doesn't support it without a plugin and the plugin doesn't work all that well. Next choice/option was to look for a program that would generate 3 types of docs HTML + images, XHTML + MathML (for future use), and pdf (for teachers to download and print). SciWriter got me to the XHTML + MathML and there is a free plugin that someone wrote? that will generate the other two formats for you (pass in a MathML document...and presto). We are still in the "discovery" phase but we will keep you posted.