Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Aerade: Aerospace and Defence

This is the coolest portal.
"The AERADE portal provides integrated access to key aerospace and defence information sources:
Aerospace and defence resources - quality assessed Internet sites
DEVISE - a special collection of military and defence resources
ESDU Series - abstracts for engineering design data and methods
Internet Aviator - an interactive tutorial.
NewsBrief - aerospace and defence news from Moreover.
ConferenceBrief - a list of forthcoming aerospace and defence conferences and events."
I did a sample search on UAVs and was really impressed with the results. Relevant and authoritative resources. Stuff to trust. I've already furl'ed it. Can't wait to get a chance to try it for/with a customer! Oh, and looks like they have a newsletter, but only quarterly and no feed. I've added their what's new page to WatchThatPage, we'll see how that goes. (pointed out by Shirl Kennedy on The Resource Shelf)

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